Ceramic Coatings

Extreme Exterior Protection

Ceramic coating provides an exceptional layer of durable long lasting protection unlike traditional wax products. Ceramic cures to form a solid molecular barrier impervious to:

  • chemicals
  • corrosion
  • UV exposure
  • high temperatures
  • weather conditions

Ceramic also creates an impenetrable hydrophobic layer of protection. Making your car easy to clean and have a high gloss finish.

Our Coatings


We offer 4 unique packages from GTECHNIQ including their crystal serum light, professional, and exo. As a professional installer, we have a system of layering to give you the best protection. For more information don't hesitate to call or come in. Or go to https://usa.gtechniq.com/worldwide/

Ceramic Pro

We have 3 packages from Ceramic Pro that we offer to best fit your cars need and budget. These included their professional and light technologies. These can be layered together for a more advanced barrier.


Currently we offer P&S's partnership with Renny Doyles version of ceramic coating. This product is called the Double Black inspiration coating. This can be layered for a more durable protection. Please call or stop by for more information.